Introducing your new community manager

Hello everyone,

I wanted to introduce you all to @MeganP who will be taking over from me as Community Manager for the remainder of @Priscilla’s maternity leave. Megan has been working for Sue Ryder for quite a few years now and I’m confident she’ll be great as your new community manager.

It’s been so lovely getting to manage the online community here, work on projects and share some new ideas for the community. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, particularly seeing the support you give to each other. It’s been really moving to see and you are all such a supportive community. It really is such a valuable space here and I know Megan will be great in this role.

I’m wishing you all the best with everything, take lots of care and keep reaching out on the communtiy whenever you need to :yellow_heart:



Thank you so much for the introduction @Aife - hello everyone!

I only started at the beginning of the week - I haven’t had to look far to see how valuable the community is and how important it is to have a space like this to share, process and stand with others who are experiencing similar things. As Aife has said, the support you offer one another is so lovely to see.

I’m really looking forward to managing the community over the next few months - please know we are here for you and want the community to be a welcoming, safe and supportive space for all who use it.

Take care,