Intuition as your guide

Just wondered if anyone in here has experienced intuition and how and if it came to your assistance. I try to hone in and listen to it as I need its guidance so much. it might also suggest things we do not want to hear.

I have, I ignored it/didn’t really believe it till a few days later, I’ve since the first time accepted it and followed it but I also still ignore it.
It’s quite a hard thing to understand and accept I find

yes, it can be elusive.

but it is always truth. I wish I had listened to it all along
and also had the strength to follow its suggestions.

Sometimes I don’t think you’re ready to hear it. And at times you don’t want to believe or accept it. I tried my hardest to stop an incident with the in laws happening but I knew it was inevitable and it would happen anyway and it did.

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yes it also implies things one does not want to hear. but that is life. at least, forewarned is forearmed.