Is anyone having to cope with multiple bereavement?

My husband died nearly 6 years ago but losing my Mum in 2020 has made the grief return for him.It didn’t ever go away but losing Mum has brought it screaming back. Sending a hug

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Hi,I lost a very dear Uncle five years ago and my Dad two years later.I coped ok with those losses partly because I still had my partner of 39years.
He died unexpectedly and very suddenly in January this year.We had no children and I am completely lost and devastated.I don’t even know the cause of his death but it was due to medical negligence.
I understand that losing your Mum has brought back the aging of losing your husband.I feel as though I’m grieving for all three…It’s so hard to cope but do remember you are not alone.x

Since I lost my Daughter in February 2021 I then lost my cousin Roy then 3 months later another cousin Hughie and then 4 months after that his brother Michael. Then in February 2022 I lost my dear friend David to cancer. It was very very hard as my Daughter died 7 February 2021 and was buried on 9th March 2021. David passed on 12th February 2022 and his funeral was on my Daughtrr day of her funeral 9th March. It’s brought all my grief so very very raw and I keep breaking down and crying and can’t stop once I start. I feel emotionally drained and physically drained.

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Goodness Pat,
I thought it was bad enough for me,it’s a feeling of desperation I imagine and you haven’t even begun to grieve for one before you find yourself right back in the deep end with kids after loss.
Do you have a partner or close friend or another family member who can support you.I know that only helps a little because only you know how you feel.and you feel as though you are alone.Grief is relentless,it sucks all the not out of your life.
I have lost my appetite and don’t sleep well and like you I feel physically and emotionally drained.x

Sorry.I meant to say loss after loss.x

No I do not have a partner my close friend who was supporting me was David and he’s gone now. So I’ve just been getting myself through now. One minute I feel alright then if I see a photo of my Daughter or my friend David I just get tge most over whelming emotions so deep inside that they physically hurt. I was like you were I couldn’t sleep and my gp put me on sleeping tablets to get me back into a sleeping routine. I still have bad nights even now were I fall asleep but just keep waking uk a through tge night.

I totally understand,Malcolm and I were both close to my Uncle and my Dad and we had each other and supported each other.Then Malcolm who was decades younger than them dropped dead in the kitchen last January due to medical negligence and I went into shock.
At first I was numb then I started with panic attacks and keep thinking about all the losses.
I have a brother but we aren’t close so I’m alone.
It’s so difficult Pat,do you have any advice to give me about dealing anxiety or do you think that might be part of the grieving process.x

I think the anxiety is part of the grieving and panic attacks to. I have a Sister but were not close and my brother kells himself to himself. My Daughter was 42 so she has left behind her children who are all grieving for her. I am trying my best to be there for them as best I can. They vary in ages from 27 to 10 and are all grieving differently. We only had her inquest in February this year and I ordered her death certificate a few weeks ago and its all become so real now. Alls I can do and you can do is take one day at a time. Open up more about are grief and how we feel. Even the loneliness that comes with the grief we need to talk about that to. So sorry for your loses I really am and sending you lots of healing and a big hug.

On Pat,and I think I have it bad,not only are you grieving for your daughter aged only 42 but you have to look after her children and your own.As though that isn’t enough you have lost other very dear relatives who did support you.
You also have a brother and sister who for reasons known to them don’t seem willing to help you.
I don’t feel as though I have a family but I do have a couple of supportive friends.
You also have an inquest to face and unfortunately so do I but as you know that drags on.
I agree that the panic attacks must be caused by all the grief and upset we have been through and are still going through.It just seems never ending.
Perhaps we can help each other,I certainly hope so.
Sending love to you Pat,I’m thinking of you.x

Yes let’s hope we can help each other through are grief. Thinking of you to :purple_heart:

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How are you doing Pat? I just thought I’d check in with you.x

Hi I’m not to bad i had a good cry this morning after being completely overwhelmed with raw emotions. It always drains me after that happens but it’s good to release these emotions that are deep within to help with the healing and grieving process . How are you doing ? ?

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Putting on a front unfortunately,I would rather tell people that I’m coping than cry.
I do cry when I’m alone though and it is draining but it does bring some relief.x

Yes I always put on a front in front of others and only have a really good cry when I am on my own. It definitely does give some relief .