Is grief making me sick?

In 2017 I lost my husband, 2 close friends and my dad within 8 months. After the 8 months a cork went off and I struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks. Managed to get those under control, although I still battle with anxiety. This led to my gut breaking down, ended up having a colonoscopy, but came back clear. Started a new job, but after 4 months I started getting severe bouts of stomach issues and first ever migraines. I am now completely debilitated with headaches every day, and migraines at least 3 x a month. I’m wondering if the stress of walking through 2 years of cancer treatment with my husband who was in ICU 5x, and the grief has had a knock on effect on my body?
Has anyone else experienced this?
Doctor’s just fob me off saying I have IBS and grief, and won’t help get to the bottom of whether parts of my body aren’t working properly and have broken down.

So frustrated, as it only exasperates the loneliness and emotions of walking it alone, with no family around me, and having to still take care of my daughter.

Hello Mols
Sorry for all your loss,and grief and physical symptoms are definitely linked.grief takes it’s toll mentally,physically and emotionally.Iv’e suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for years,i understand how frightening they are,on top of losing my husband last March thought i would lose my mind,but like you i have managed somehow to take more control over them.All the life changes you have been through,multiple loss,new job,it’s all stress overload,so something has to give.
Last year i suffered palpitations ,every minute of the day,lasted for 6 weeks no let up,my GP did ecg’s and bloods,i couldn’t eat or sleep for the worry of it all,then they just disappeared,only get them now and again since.
Your body is telling you to take care of yourself,i understand it’s hard in grief,we all tend to neglect our needs,but your wellbeing is very important,mentally and physically,we need extra strength to move through loss.I hope you are getting good help from your GP,and people around you xx

As Robina has said, there’s little doubt that their is a causal relationship between your anxiety and stress and a perpetuation of stomach problems. It’s quite probable that the constant release of chemicals into your bloodstream and organs is going to be higher than might be classed as normal. I think it’s well established that many migraine problems are gut related.
It’s just possible that the NHS are limited in their approach to it. A friend of mine had similar problems to those you described and, in desperation, consulted a naturopath. It seems to have been a satisfactory intervention and he wishes he’d done it years ago. In his case its virtually all about gut health and probiotics and prebiotic. It made me think and I bought a couple of books to learn more.
Maybe you could find out if your local NHS recognise the existence of naturopaths.

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Hi Mols, yes I am sure your problems will be made worst by your grief. Life is not easy for you and with all that’s gone on it’s not surprising that you have health problems. I had a small op and it all went horrible wrong but the consultant told me that the main problem was me and grief. Look at natural things to help and please if possible take time out from all the things going on around you. Freash air, good food and if possible someone to look after you. Things will improve with time. It’s not easy to look after yourself but it’s what you need to do.