Is it me or is life in general going to pot?

First, the loss of one’s partner (my beloved Andrew), then my young friend losing her younger still brother in a senseless road traffic accident. Then the massive increase in the cost of living, inflation out of control, the war in Ukraine, climate change and yet more awful news from around the world.

It feels like the whole world is imploding slowly. In a way, I am thankful my partner is not around to see this gigantic mess. However, it makes the pain I feel worse rather than better.

I know I am meant to concentrate on my recovery, but how can you be optimistic when the world around you is going to pot?


I could have written that! Yes I have said the same to friends and my mum was a massive empath so felt everything. I think we are living through the hangover period of a massive historic event with covid, we’ve been living through something in the future they will teach in history books and talk about like we talk about the wars etc.

I try to remember when someone said, when there is bad times or disasters don’t look for those running from it, look for those running to it. Look at the people who are helping.

We can’t mend the world, we can do a little bit in our corner and it may be something as simple as making some gifts for a local nursing home, or helping a neighbour in their garden.

Tough isn’t it?

Beki x


I love your energy! I keep trying to think of it as when I see my Mum again in the next life I have plenty of good stuff to tell her that I’ve done, tried to do or tried to help others with.

Beki x


I’ve stop watching the news it’s so depressing, only have it on in the mornings for a time check for work.
Doug would be absolutely horrified if he knew, how much energy bills have gone up, if he was still here it would have worried him.
But your right Beki it’s the little things we can do to help our planet, that’s why I donate to plant trees.
Debbie X


Hey well done you. In all this grief sometimes something just hits you and enough is enough. It’s only been just over a year for me and although I have family and friends who have been brilliant I too feel so alone sometimes. I met up with my cousin who was over from Australia and he asked me to visit and after dismissing it totally I suddenly phoned him and accepted his offer!! My sons and family are delighted so I’m off to Aus on my own stopping in Singapore on the way. I am surprised as anyone else. We’ve all had a tough time and it’s been so long for you but making a decision to live the rest of your life as healthy as you can is one big step in the right direction.

All the best
Georgina xx


Oh wow that’s fantastic! Have a wonderful trip to Oz

Beki x

Dear Georgina,

I may well follow in your footsteps and make a two-week trip to Italy in August. I would be visiting my friend who lost her young brother last week. I miss not being able to see her. It is Andrew’s birthday on 5 August and hers on 14 August, so it would be nice and supportive for us both to celebrate them together. I have not been to Padua for many years but from what I remember it is a beautiful city and very close to Venice. I went with my family several decades ago.

I just need a change of scene for a little while. I will be taking some of Andrew’s ashes with me in a teardrop-shaped mini-urn.

Oh please do go. Even thinking about my trip and planning bits and pieces have made me feel better. It’s no miracle cure I know that but to have something, anything to look forward to really does help me. I just love Italy we went to Sorrento on my 60th and it was beautiful. A place someday I hope to return to.

Not sure how I’ll feel when I get back but hey I’ll deal with that then. Not going till the New Year as I have other stuff going on between now and then and Jan and Feb here is so depressing I am sure some sunshine will do me the world of good.

Best wishes
Georgina xx

It’s a tough life for a lot of people now , state pension doesn’t go far ! I decided to carry on working just a few days a week, for company , social and to earn a bit more to have a reasonable amount to live on!! , it’s about the only thing I do that’s gets me out of the loneliness at the house, the increase of living bills, food, petrol has impacted the ability to just get on day by day, I’ve taken a dip in my mental health with all the worrying about just about everything! Just when you feel you are coping and building on the heartache of loosing your loved one (Tony) things all around us is ripping any amount of coping away ,