Is it normal to replay events over and over

Hello, may i thank all for your kindness and support this past few days since joining…I am just wondering if its normal to replay the events over and over again in my head like a movie stuck on repeat? I can’t syop thinking about my aunties death and me trying to resuscitate her with CPR or her face as i found her unresponsive. I am back home now (you might know I was staying at my uncles) and everytime I walk to his house from mine back along the same street I dashed along to get to his house to help my auntie it all comes flooding back.

Same at home I have my shoes and coat and keys by the door just incase my uncle comes to get me like he did that tragic night.

Is it normal?


I’m sorry for your loss. :heart: Don’t worry, it’s normal, especially when it was a traumatic event, like it is having to do CPR. It usually fades with time and the thoughts become less intrusive, but sometimes you might need to talk to a counsellor if it’s too much to cope with.

I’ve been feeling the exact same things. Replaying so many moments of my Mums last 48 hours of life and more specifically the moment she died. It just immediately takes me back to that place and those feelings.

I have been trying to accept the visions/thoughts as intrusive, and telling myself “I do not need to think about this right now, I will think about it later”, and then trying to replace that thought with a nice memory of my Mum, or remembering her laughing or smiling, or being sassy.

It takes a little work… I’m still finding it hard… but it works when I try :slight_smile:



You are experiencing a PTSD. Just like war, where you saved a life! Your family.
You should even seek some counseling because of what you have been through. To this day, I do not and cannot talk about my deaths. I was a reporter and interviewed WWII veterans who are still so shell-shocked, they cannot speak of their combat experiences.

We humans expect other humans to go along with these things in life. But they are great episodes and are not to be underestimated.

I will try this. Thank you