Is it normal

That your family members don’t want to be public with their grief I struggled Terribly as they don’t want me to share with others how I feel as other people wouldn’t understand, I don’t know if it’s actually made me worse as I get their point you don’t want to be reminded in your Fb memories how much pain you was in but now I don’t speak with people at all about it and i suffer in silence about it a lot as a result please advise

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Hi tcy , don’t keep anything to your self it will make you feel poorly , I bottled everything up for 12 months then ended up having a break down . maria


Please don’t suffer in silence grief is a real thing you need to be open about how you feel if other family members do not talk about your loss perhaps they are in denial or feel emotional withdrawn, i couldn’t talk about my wife for weeks as it was such a traumatic time,
But now everyone accepts that conversation has and can help sometimes you need to remember all the memories and cherish them :heart: as shutting out the sadness is not the answer
Sending you :heartbeat: hugs