Is it okay to not be ok?

I posted here in Sept after losing my dad.
It’s now just over 3 months since he died and I am trying to figure out how I feel.
I think I am okay, but find that I feel like things are pointless and don’t feel like doing much. I go to work, come home and go to work…then the weekends I’d rather not go anywhere and can quite easily not get dressed. I know the current situation doesn’t help.
As dad lived abroad, I wasn’t able to go out there, he was cremated the next day. Since then, we have dealt with solicitors and public notary via email. It is still early days with regards to estate out there-never had to deal with anything to do with wills or estates in England let alone another country and have found some of it overwhelming.
I feel miserable, snappy and wonder whether anything is worth it at the moment. But then I feel like I should be over things and should be back to normal.
Sorry for the long post, just need to get it off my chest and feel at times as though I cant burden anyone with how I feel.

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@Pbod77 Have you had counselling? If not, please try it. It’s available via this website, or your GP will be able to tell you about local services.
Dealing with an estate is always very difficult, but that is what solicitors are for - let them sort it out. They will be sympathetic if you explain that emails are upsetting, and will either limit them to important matters or phone or send letters instead.
You sound very isolated. I hope you have friends and/or relatives to reach out to. Talking always helps.

Take care, Christie xxx

It’s hard enough dealing with all the legal stuff when it’s in this country, having to deal with it from a distance must be a nightmare,
3 months is such a short period of time, don’t feel as if you should be back to normal by now, it’s not going to happen, it’s a gradual thing, but this year the virus makes things so much worse, you need to take a day at a time, be kind to yourself, I hope you can have a nice Christmas and that you are not on your own. Xx

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