Is there a part where we can show our loved ones photo?

I was just thinking how much more adding our photos would mean to us all, I don’t know if there is, but I know this is the first literal step I’ve been given in help since my son passed 8 years ago aged 19 to diabetic ketoacidosis and four years since my brother passed, I still don’t know if I can do it but I have other kids and family dependant on me so I’m grasping x

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Morning @Ashleysmum. I’ve just looked at your profile pic and what a wonderfully happy looking young man. There isn’t a specific place for photos but you could start a photo thread. We already have a song thread, a poetry thread, a pets thread amongst others, so why not a photos thread. Remember that the forum isn’t private and anyone can see our posts, member or not. However, if posting photos helps you in your grief then go for it I say; anything which helps us has to be a good thing surely. Much love. xx


Ashley’s Mum, you’re son is a handsome lad, what a lovely face he has - it’s a face of pure sunshine xx

This is my son Keir, I’m posting this to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis and organ transplants, well that and because he’s a handsome face to share, like your lovely son


Thank you Kate, that’s really good to hear, i think it’s a lovely thing for people to be able to do xx

Kjat, he has a beautiful face indeed, I think it’s lovely that you’ve put your son on here and awareness needs raising in all these conditions as well as needing to be able to remember these beautiful souls xxx

This is my son Ashley, he was 19 when he passed to diabetic ketoacidosis, he was pure sunshine x


Gorgeous pics.
My son had ketoacidosis last year, it’s a very scary thing to witness. I’m so very sorry that you had to suffer this experience.
My son was y good at controlling his diabetes, quite regularly his HbA1c would be double the normal level and it used to scare me silly. I just can’t imagine the emotional roller-coaster your currently on. Much love and healing thoughts are coming your way x

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Kjat, thank you for your kind words. I’m also sorry that you have been on the same roller coaster! My boy was only diagnosed just before turning 13, he had poor control so I did it for him and he was relieved, his hab1cs returned to that of a normal person but whenever he tried his bgl were usually above 28, I took over and he said, “mum, it feels like a weights been lifted”, I was more than happy to do it because his adhd made him forget, his high levels made him rude, but he was a pure joy, when he was 18, he wanted to go away from home to be with a childhood sweetheart, I’d been best friends with her mother and they promised they’d help him with the support, little did I know, they’d had told him he was old enough to do it himself, goaded him, belittled him, he withdrew and I got a phone call telling me he’d passed away, I spoke to him the evening before and he was poorly and I’d said see the doctor, the last thing I said was, I love you very much, :sob: thank god for that. 8 years on and I can’t move on, I do day at a time xx

Apologies for not replying sooner, life has been a daily roller coaster of emotions so I’ve not read the posts for a little while.
I’m so sorry to hear of how your son passed away whilst away from you, I can imagine the anger is overwhelming for you at times. Did you stay in touch with the friend after your son passed away? I’d imagine a ton of thoughts whirl around your head when you think of them, it must be so difficult to process the awful behaviour they showed him.
I do hope you can find peace, or rather that you have found peace with it all.
We had a Memorial Picnic for my son last Sunday at the Memorial bench that I’ve had installed in a playing field near our house. His best friend wrote a song for him and sang it, it was so very emotional. It was good to see some of his friends and to feel light for a little while (although tears rolled silently down my cheeks often during the 90 min picnic. He’d have love the get-to-gether)
Wishing you a lovely weekend, your are in my thoughts and prayers xx

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Thank you Kate, no I didn’t stay in touch more than a year of his passing, it was everything I had to not want to hurt that woman especially as we sat in the daughters home having dinner and she made a comment to her daughter about buying a large tv, it was, “you need to be more careful now, remember we don’t have any resources left”, what she was saying to her daughter was my sons pip was no longer coming in nor his esa! I considered contacting the police and everything but say what? I’m glad your sons friends gathered for the picnic, that’s beautiful, I have made a memorial garden for Ashley at the end of my garden so I can sit and be close to him, as he died so suddenly he had to have a post-mortem, he was buried before everything was returned to me so I got our vicar who took his service to come round and bless his garden and the last of him, it’s my sanctuary now, thank you for your kindness and prayers, I always welcome those and offer the same back xx

Kjat sorry

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Two lovely photos of your handsome young son, full of laughter, full of joy, and full of love, I imagine a complete joy to be with…
Life is so very very cruel at times
With much love…Marina xxx

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Handsome and lovable son you must be so proud of him.
My youngest son was rushed into hospital on Christmas Eve, four an a half years ago, every second was touch and go…I remember when it was midnight and the nurses were wishing each other Merry Christmas and I thought to myself (It’s the birth of Jesus and my son is dying) but the doctors were brilliant and he pulled through…then twelve months later he passed away not with keto but arrhythmia…
It always seem to be the innocent ones that die young, a totally unfair and cruel world.
With love…take care Marina xxx

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Marina, thank you for your beautiful comments, I am so sorry about your son, it is true, beautiful innocent joy gets taken away, it makes you go through every emotion and doubt if you have faith, yet somehow it’s the faith that gets me through each day praying we will be together again, thank you for giving me your time, I wish you much love, comfort for bad days and hugs xx