Is there anything else

Omg what else is there I know things always happen over time but dear me. Shortly after Robs passing the cooker packed up , then I had a burst pipe in my bathroom , my sola panels stopped working which were fixed yesterday now to be told I really need my roof repointing, my gas fire has been disconnected as it no longer meets the required regulations for the space between the back of the fire and the chimney itself . Is there anything left . I bet Robs having a right chuckle to himself . Oh well into the next job
Take care all and keep smiling what else can we do but make the most of a bad situation

I’ve not had household things go wrong (yet) but 4 different family members have become ill - 2 seriously. One member in particular I think is a direct result of my husband’s death. The knock on effects just make it even harder don’t they?

Jules yes it does and the feeling of having to do it all on your own makes it ten times worse .

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kazzer, oh what a horrible time you are having but I love the way you say Rob would be chuckling because yes my husband would be laughing if it was me. My cat bought in a live mouse and let it run around the living room the other evening and I could hear my husband having a really good belly laugh at me. She did dispatch it in the end but I didn’t love her for it.
Some how we deal with life’s problems, big ones and little ones and you should be proud of yourself for getting on and managing. You will get through and be stronger for dealing with all these household things.
Keep hearing Rob laughing. Sxx

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