Is this all life is?

I cant even explain the pain im feeling. Im finding it so hard exept my brothers gone. It doesnt even feel like he is. But i just cant fathom that im never going to see him again. I feel bad for wasting so much time and not going to see him. He deserved a better sister. I just want to know how he is and how he feels about me. What if i mad me sad or angry. Or if he was confused as to why i didnt see him in so long. I was us both to have peace but i just want to hold him and he him laugh or smile. Death is so unfair yet we all go through it. How is this life ? How often fo we go through this in our lifetime ? . Its so daughting and scary.


death makes us doubt ourselves because we can’t go back and fix things. so we decline because it is the end. but they would not want you to mope about and worry. if it exists, they know life is short and one day you and I are gone, too.

we do our best. even when we don’t, we deserve grace.