Is this normal

Hi iv not been on since before xmas my Mam passed on 23rd October from bowel cancer we found out in January so last yr was a horrible year she had a op tried chemo nothing worked she was in and out of hospital but died peacefully at home no pain at allthe last 2 days and no pain relief either , when I go see my dad I feel like she’s still there upstairs I still feel like she’s alive inside too it’s so weird but reading some of these posts it’s not just me feeling like this I don’t know if it’s normal if Iv been grieving while she was here or if one day it’s jjst gonna hit me xx

Hi Susan, sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad the 3rd of November from a really sudden heartattack, he was only 64. It happened at home, and I was the second person there. Not that any of the finer details matter, the biggest one is that he isn’t here anymore.
Like you, I still feel my dad around all the time. More often than others, but definitely when I’m in my bedroom next to his things. It’s like an energy I can’t explain it. We always were like kindred spirits, Ying and Yang, so alike. So I don’t know if maybe we’re just feeling our parents live on, in us as we carry on our lives? I know for sure they would want us to be happy and I try to keep that present in bad days.

Take care x


I am not grieving a parent like you, but my husband of 40 years, however I feel exactly like you that my husband lives on in me , his soul is in me
I take mild anti depressants , but that aside , I am much more tolerant and patient than I was , and those are the characteristics he had.
I do hope that he does live within me