Is this normal

I lost my Mum seven weeks ago and have been distraught and crying every day. For the last two days, however, I don’t seem to feel anything other than a nothingness kind of feeling. It’s almost a feeling of numbness and I don’t understand why it seems to have come out of nowhere when I’ve been so emotional and upset and now nothing. It makes me feel guilty which I know is stupid but it does. In some ways I want to feel how I have done for the past seven weeks as at least I understand those feelings.

Hi NJL I think what you are going through is completely normal. I know I have days when I feel so lost and numb and then days when I feel kind of out of the situation looking in. I believe it’s our own bodies way of coping with the huge loss that losing your Mother is. For some reason being human we have to look for what we didn’t do or the bad things we felt, rather than all the good things we did and thought of our Mothers. Not sure why we do this but it seems a very familiar pattern from what I’m seeing and feeling. Be kind to yourself - be your own best friend while you go through this really tough time. Take care and big hugs from Red Poppy :hugs::hugs:

Hi Redpoppy, thank you for your compassion. I agree with you, I think it is our body’s way of helping us. Yes, you can find guilt anywhere if you try hard enough can’t you. Thank you for your kind words which make a lot of sense to me. You take care too and big hugs back x

Thank you NJL and everything is normal whatever you feel, just remember everyone is different and however you cope with it is completely normal for you and not for anyone else. xx

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