Is this normal ?

Hi it was my man miick’s funeral today as you can all imagine I’m just a complete mess broken but since Monday night I’ve been woken silky hrs in the morning with panick attacks where my chest is so tight I can’t breath my heart is racing I feel as if it’s going to burst through my chest and face is soaking with tears … I’ve been having to take my blue inhaler for asthma whwn this happens and takes me a good hr or more to get my breathing and heart rate to slow down again

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Hi Jan48

I am so sorry that you are experiencing such terrible symptoms. It maybe down to panic attacks, but as you suffer with asthma you might also want to check this out with your GP. You say you have recently lost your partner and that it was his funeral today and I can understand that you are all over the place. I hope you might be feeling slightly less stressed this evening. Please take care.x


Hi loobyloo2 thank you so much for your kind words I don’t know if it is just panick atta ka as it was a sudden death he passed away on a busy street on the way home from a day out happened very suddenly with no warning and I don’t know if that’s making it harder for me to accept that he’s actually gone or not but it was nearly 3 weeks ago and it’s only been this week I’ve been wakening up with tight chest gast heart rate and face soaking with tears but don’t seem to remember any dreams etc to cause this xx

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Hi Jan, I lost my life in April last year and still struggle to sleep, similar I wake feeling lost and my anxiety levels go through the roof. I’m on medication which helps in a way I suggest you talk to your GP just in case it’s something else. There is no pain like losing a loved one. Take care.

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