Is this normal

Hello, so My husband aged 42 dropped down dead of a heart attack in 2010 Jan. A very long time ago I know. And people said this was very bad luck. So then I got together with a partner in 2017 but he was horrible and hit me so when he stormed out I let him 2018. Then he was found at the bottom of his stairs dead. I found a lovely boyfriend in 2019 he was absolutely lovely. He dropped down dead in February 22. So this is a very short account but is this normal? Do people die all the time. I’m just not sure what to think anymore. I have 4 lovely children who have put up with this me. Is this all my fault. I’m confused.


Oh @BeckyC1
What you have been through you poor love.
I don’t suppose anyone could say it was ‘normal’ for one person to have suffered so many losses but there is NO way it is your fault; just the most horrible bad luck.

I did once know a family whose son ended up in the spinal injuries unit I worked in who had also lost another son. Complete coincidence and no connection between the two events but the most awful bad luck.

Sending you loads of love.

Thank you Karen, I’m just hurting so much xx

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Oh dear to have had so much heartache in one lufe must be devastating…only advice i can give is live for your children. Im trying to do that.