Is this normal?

7 months now since my mum died…I have up and down days. I seem to cry a lot in the car especially when certain songs come on the radio…I play a certain song by Cristina agullaira…hurt…it always makes me feel sad but I can’t help but play it…It’s like I’m torturing myself. .I miss my mum so much…I think as the months go by reality hits more…I get jelious when I see mums and daughters together. .is this normal? Anyone else like this?

I lost my partner in march and I get jealous when I see other couple’s out and enjoying themselves so yes it is normal

Hello Dev, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Most people struggling with grief ask that very same question. Is this normal? There’s no right or wrong answer to that. Coping with the very painful emotions that grief forces upon us after losing someone so very close is anything but normal. My Mum was the closest person to me all my life. We were like best friends. I became both my parents full time carer over the past 10 years. Still looking after my Dad with advanced Alzheimer’s now. My Mum passed away a few weeks ago. She was poorly, but she died suddenly. I’m still in shock now. I sit and just cry every day. My Dad doesn’t even remember her.
I absolutely can relate to music and certain songs. We both loved singing along to all types of music on TV,radio etc. I also play specific songs that trigger overwhelming memories that just start me sobbing my heart out. Even though I know how desparately sad it makes me, I can’t stop myself. I often feel angry with others when they don’t seem to understand why I’m feeling like this.
There’s no such thing as normal. Having to go through and deal with this much pain whilst also carrying on with day to day life is anything but normal.
I hope you find some strength to help you get through this in time. Talk about how you’re feeling on here anytime. It does seem to help.
Take care,

It’s the oddest feeling. Due to my sisters estrangement, which I understand is not unusual, I feel like I’ve had a terrible blow. My husband and I also have another loss to cope with as the male of our best friend has become paralysed after a fall. We’ve been on holiday together for 20 years and have shared so much and that too has come to an end…so 2 sisters, Dad’s death and our friend’s incapacity is all such a black hole and yes, that is exactly how we feel, in a whirring black hole with no escape.

On the other hand we have 5 fabulous daughters between us and 3 lovely grandchildren, not to mention another on the way so there should be massive shards of light…but there aren’t! We both feel achy, have totally lost confidence and are really struggling…