Is this normal

I lost my everything 18 months ago. My best friend and lifeline … my mum.

We were so unbelievably close but since watching her pass away I feel I havent reacted like a ‘normal’ daughter being as close as we were. I ran away when she died (I was 38) so not in the sense of what it sounds but I just drove far, far away. I havent really cried and infact I just CANT get it out. Everytime I start I clap my hands or click my fingers and I snap back.

Im living like its not happened. My head burried. I want and need to grieve but i just cannot seem to reach realisation.

Is there anyone, anywhere, that can relate at all?

Hi @Rebekah1
I know what you mean I lost my mam suddenly almost three weeks ago and have not cried at all, I know she’s gone as it happened in front of me and attend the funeral but it my d like my mind it’s saying she’s around. It’s totally normal Orr will come in time xx

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Thank you. I hope you are doing as well as you can be. One day at a time :heart:

Hi @Rebekah1,
I’m doing ok went back to work today for bit normality and it’s helped, it’s only 3 weeks today she died but I feel I’m coping ok as have no regrets she had a great life, we spoken every day, and knowing how great of a mam she was makes me feel so privileged to have had her as long as I did. Hope you are coping ok? Xx

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I have cried, but still cant comprehend my mum isnt here anymore
Everyone is different and you will cope with the grief the best way you can xxx

@Cadburys52 , your completely right everyone is different. Unfortunately we all feel the sad emptiness that they’ve gone but just remember how much you loved and continue to love them and happy memories you will always carry xx

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