It feels like Im back at the beginning again

Its been 7 months since my daughter Jenny died of a sudden heart attack at 40 years old and Ive been feeling ok the past few weeks but for some reason I can’t stop crying this afternoon and it seems as if Im right back at the beginning again.


I have had that problem, like going backwards and not moving forward. I think it’s the journey of grief unfortunately

Hi there I understand how you feel, i lost my son 14 months ago and today I’m having a really bad day. I feel very lonely and sad xx


I was like that last week, especially when the sale of my son’s flat completed…broken beyond words. Can you think what has triggered you to be more sad and tearful today, apart from the obvious. Life is so hard for us all, others don’t get it. Take care x

I was listening to some music and One Day Like This by Elbow came on. I really like this song and it always made me feel good and positive but it suddenly struck me that I dont feel like that now and am still at the stage of wondering whether I will ever feel joy again. It is so hard to think about enjoying a future where Jenny won’t be here with us.

Im so sorry to hear about your son. It is just the hardest thing some days and I was feeling so down yesterday. I do feel a bit better today thankfully

I had such a breakdown yesterday and i hate them. There is just nothing that any of my family can do or say to me that will make me feel slightly better. I sprnt 5 hours crying and was in such a mess i had to go to bed!! I dont have a good day i survive to get through each day i cry hysterically at aarons graveside and feel so guilty as i dont want to leave him alone xx

I feel the same again, going backwards. It’s my son’s birthday Monday and I think that’s part of it. I hate it when I cry so much . We are all in this journey of hell as I call it. This is the only place I can say how I feel where people understand.

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