It Helps

It’s a little before 6 a.m. and I have been reading through the latest posts for about an hour, and posting a response or two.
Heart rending, and I’m not sure it’s the best start to a day, but right now here comes 42 kg of Rottweiler to tell me she’s going to help me through. If only I could train her to make me a cup of tea.


Morning Edwin, let’s hope you, the Rottweiler and your other canine sweetheart, have a pleasant walk today, once the sun has risen. Oh for a cup of tea, lovingly prepared! It made such a good start to the day, kind regards, x

I’ve just made my morning cup of tea. But oh yes, what I wouldn’t give to have it lovingly prepared and brought up to me with the words “morning darling”. Damn it! I miss him…xx


I have a cat who has determinedly helped me through this <3 I call Punkin my little bereavement angel. She’s the saving grace in mornings that are otherwise very ordinary to wake up in xxoo

Ack, the board ate half my post. Aren’t pets tremendous? I said that I call my kitty, Punkin, my little bereavement angel. She’s been the saving grace of mornings that are otherwise very ordinary to wake up in. My Ken wasn’t a fan of cats but I know he would be happy for me to have 19 if they make me happy. I have four; the average widow has six so I’m working my way up :slight_smile:

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Yes ,i have my dog,called Maggie,She was my husband’s dog really,she was so well behaved for him,and he treat her like a queen,she listened to his every word,on the day he passed,she knew,she was acting very strangely for hours,my daughter said,i was at the hospital at the time.When i got back she had been sitting staring out the window and crying all that time. I am thankful i have her,she keeps me on my toes,and she is company x