It is shit

I’ve watched some of the pomp & nonsense called “jubilee celebrations” this morning.
In MY opinion – this is shit, & everyone here, I would imagine they couldn’t give a stuff now with any celebrations -
grief, loneliness, poverty, & daily struggles while we are sitting alone.
It hasn’t lifted my spirits in any shape or form.
As I said it’s only MY opinion but the thought of a weekend of this is enough for anyone!! :pensive:
G. X


Hi Grandma. I was dreading this long weekend and all the nonsense that goes with it. I won’t see anyone or see my children as they have all got plans and things to do with their familys that don’t include me. As you say we who are grieving for a loved one none of this jubilee celebrations has lifted our spirits at all its just a horrible long weekend. Jenny. X


I know this bank holiday weekend has been difficult for all of us.
But I try to remember, that the Queen is a widow too, and she is grieving the same as the rest of us. Grief does not distinguish between rich or poor
I do wonder if it is not only her health that has kept her from attending jubilee events, she no longer has her husband at her side.
Just a thought.


I’m not a fan of the royals - but it was awful seeing her sitting alone at Prince Philips funeral.
Now she has had her celebrations & will
have her family around her this weekend, i’m sure she would like to pass away in her bed thinking of Philip - am I alone with this thought?
G. X