It never really gets any easier does it?

Hello I’m sat here thinking how life never really any easier since my mum left me. What doesn’t help is my job i work on my own on the streets as an enforcement officer. I get so much abuse from the public it has hardened me but I have days where I can’t get my mum out of my mind and abuse I get does get to me but I don’t bite back I walk away and sometimes I go somewhere to just cry. Am I being silly?
My job is so hard to do over 6 years now and it’s a job that not many people could do. Your dealing with so much. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I just feel so overwhelmed by the abuse some days.


Dear @Steven

No you are not being silly. When you are working on your own it is hard as there is no support around you and you have a lot of thinking time.

Your attitude is amazing to how you are handling the abuse, I am sure your mum would be very proud of you as to how you are handling it. Many people would react differently.

Take care and keep safe.


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Well I had a lot of training in this job. I honestly don’t know how I do it and deal with the abuse I get. But I do it and somehow I call on my training every single time. It never lets me down. I actually feel like mg mum got me this jobbefore and after she went. I can’t explain it. It’s like she was looking out for me.
This is the most loneliest job that I know of and yes you are alone with your thoughts and when I do have the time I think I stop after a little time on my own and go back to do my job like I’m doing tonight and j know that a place I’m going to enforce in mmm going to get so nucg abuse. I have worked 11 hours today I got 2 more to go doing over time there is so much pressure on me on over time but I know I can do it. So yeah my mum would proud I wish she could see me now I want to ring her I want to hear her lovely voice what I wouldn’t give to hear her
Thanks for your kind message

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