It’s all over

I’m so desperately unhappy I can’t ever face my only love being gone there is nothing that can ever make life ok again everything everyone says rings hollow

Hi Lucy. How long since your partner died? It does all ring hollow at first. There is and can never be any real consolation, but this site and the kind folk on it will hopefully give you the feeling that you are not alone by any means.
Everyone copes with grief differently, but pain is our common experience. That’s the same for us all on here.
My wife died last November and I am coping. It is a bit easier, not a lot but a bit, and that at least is a move in the right direction. I was told in the beginning it takes time. An old cliché but a true one. How long it takes is very much an individual thing. There is no time limit to grief.
We will never forget, but the pain may well diminish a little as time passes. At the moment there’s not a lot you can do but take care of yourself. At least you have come to the right place and that’s a beginning.
Take care.