It’s early in the morning

It’s 3:45, it’s dark, but I’m wide awake reading through comments from others going through the loss of their greatest love. Everything is so fresh, how do we cope at night once the curtains are drawn and the world is shut out and we are all alone.


just know that time passes.

early morning wakings, no fun. but it passes. one day you are having a lovely evening with a friend. you will forget 345am.

grief is hard. but you will return one day to the regular ups and downs of life and you will have good times again.

It’s 3:35 a different day but same experience. I’ve learned to let my body decide when to sleep and don’t beat myself up about it. Usually make the sleep up anyway.
But you’re right it’s cold and I’m tired the house is quiet and still and there’s that empty space next to me.
Not sure I will ever get used to this.