It still hurts

I still think about my mum every day. I just can’t do this life without her by my side. Grief is never leaving me and her passing broke my heart into a million pieces and landed me in hospital with my mental health lady’s year. I can’t/don’t want to move on as I feel if I do I will lose her

I’m sorry for your loss @Craigbst. I too lost my mum just over a year ago, and I understand when you say you don’t want to move on. I have become used to living day-to-day in the last year and now fear that the loss of my mum will mean less to me if I change in any way. I’ve read that our brains do adjust in time to someone not being there anymore, for some of us that takes longer I guess. Take care, Mike

It will take forever it’s something that happened so quick so sudden after a let down and missed opportunities by doctors and hospital locally. I just don’t know how to move on

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