Its 1 month since my husband passed

Its one month since my husband passed away to a cardiac arrest while we was sleeping i did cpr until the ambulance arrived he was sedated for 24 hours but never regained consciousness​:broken_heart: i was sleeping on the sofa ok but decided 3 nights ago to try our bed i cant sleep every hour i wake im so tired :sleepy::broken_heart:


My heart goes out to you ,its nearly two year since my husband died suddenly ,when it first happened I couldnt sleep ,constant nightmares when I did .Now its not its not the same pain as it was ,now its easier to function in a way people would see as normal even tho its never going to be normal.
Maybe book yourself into a hotel for a night ,I found that helped me .Also I wish I had of known a out this site before now ,there will be someone on here in the same position as yourself ,who will help you I’m sure .take care of yourself .


@Cadge sorry for your loss. It’s still very early days for you. it’s been 20 weeks for me. At first I slept. 3 or 4 hours. Now I sleep longer but wake nearly every hour. I think it’s just part of the grief process and will hopefully improve with time.


Sleep is a major problem. Since 6th June I haven’t slept more than2 hours a night. Last night was really bad. My arthritis was hurting all night despite pain killers. I am absolutely shattered. I used to sleep 8 hours a night. It is obviously part of grief. Can’t have pills due to sleep apnoea. Other problem last night was a friend cooked and delivered me a roast dinner. I haven’t had salt in my food for years. She cooks with salt so I was really thirsty. It was delicious.

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