its 2022!

here is my story…
I have struggled with the loss of my partner to murder since 2009 and the loss of my mother and grandmother in 2010 … for years I buried head in the sand and didn’t face these accounts., I blamed everyone… but the truth is it’s no ones fault … reach out to me and I can be an ear … I now volunteer for sue Ryder … making good out of the bad I’ve felt

A new year… a new you… at times it may seem impossible… but i live by PMA,. positive mental attitude… and you can too


Dear JodieG

Welcome to the Community. Thank you for sharing your post which is not always easy to do so. Out of sadness has come positivity and you can use your experience to help others.

Congratulations on volunteering for Sue Ryder. You have turned your struggles and sadness around with your positive attitude of PMA . This too will be of encouragement to others. Well done and keep going.

Take care.

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Welcome JodieG, I’m sure your experience in life will be much appreciated by everyone on here. If we can help others through our own experience I’m all for it.

Have a great 2022.

best wishes, Miche24

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You are an inspiration Jodie, and I am so sorry for your losses. I have been on the forum for three years after the sudden death of my sweet, brave & beautiful younger Sister to cancer two days before her birthday. This forum and the lovely folks here have been a Godsend. I also lost my Mum in 2012, and Dad many years back. Friends are helpful and kind, but all have partners & families. I am alone. If not for work, (I am in health care) I do not think I would survive. My Sister was my best friend, confident, and the closest person in my life. We loved each other unconditionally, and bonded through a very difficult childhood. We had planned to grow old together. Like you, my Sister also lived by the “PMA” approach. She was my Sunshine, and my world has dimmed without her in it. Thank you for listening. Xxxx A Sad Sister

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