It's arrived

My memorial ring using some of my fiancé’s ashes arrived today which is comforting and quite fitting since it’s valentines day, we didn’t really celebrate valentines day as he thought it to be a gimmick and it was too commercialised he also said when you truly love someone every day is valentines day. However the ring wasn’t meant to be due until earliest date was 17 Feb to first week in March however it’s here and I could only be more happy if my fiance was actually here.


It’s beautiful what a lovely ring to treasure x


Beautiful ring and so pleased it arrived on Valentine’s Day .
Love Angie xx


Awe it’s lovely, I have a memorial necklace, it’s teardrop shaped, made from clear resin with dried flowers inside. There’s space behind it to add some ashes. I love it as it makes me feel like I’m carrying him with me all the time.

Last year I started making my own resin jewelry using dried flowers do it felt fitting to get one in a similar style

Sending hugs and wear your ring with pride x


Its beautiful. That’s what I’m doing to do with my mums ashes when I’m ready