It's been 12 weeks

Well it’s been 12 weeks since I lost my beautiful mum to Dementia :broken_heart: It hurts just as much now as it did then.
The longest I have gone without crying is two days😭
I miss her so much. When the grief kicks in it takes over everything, your head, body, everything just breaks. When it’s like this I just don’t want to be here because I don’t feel I can cope without her :broken_heart:
She was my life and just the best.
How are you meant to get over this and carry on​:broken_heart::sob::broken_heart:

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Hi Monica12, please stay strong I’m sure that is what your mum would have wanted. I lost my mum 19 weeks ago today, I miss her every single day and part of me cannot accept that she has gone but she would want me to put my head up and live my life and remember all the good times. It’s still early days for both of us, just take each day at a time and be kind to yourself x


Hi. Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about your mum too, just heartbreaking isn’t it :frowning:
People tell me your mum wouldn’t want you to be sad all the time and would want you to carry on and remember the good times, but it’s so hard to do that. She was a massive part of my life and I cared for her before she went into the first nursing home. The thought of not hugging her and seeing her breaks my heart :broken_heart:
A long painful road ahead for both of us💔

Hi, My Mum was my life as well. I was her long term carer and we lived together. Nearly, 8 months later it still feels rather shocking that she no longer here. I talk to her sitting room, as if she is there. Only for a few minutes, most days. It just gets things of my chest.
I never knew that grief could be this bad. I’m sure also that the pandemic is adding to the stress.
It will get better. It’s just going to take time. Take care


I lost my mum 18 weeks ago suddenly and some days are worse than others. I cried this morning at a pack of playing cards, as we her and my Dad used to come round and play cards with us at least once a week. It is so hard not having them on the end of the phone but cherish those memories and let the emotions out when you need to, thats what I have learnt. Everyone on this group is fab and make you feel normal and how your felling to be normal, as we have all been through this, one way or another.

Hi, I really feel all of your heartache, and hope you all will become stronger! this pandemic just worsens the pain right now, I myself am finding that having to deal with it under lockdown is too much,
I had to make the painful decision to send my amazing mum, who I cared for because she had early dementia into the covid lions den on the 14th of April because she needed antibiotics IV for a bladder infection…
Expecting her to get well and come home didn’t happen, sadly she contracted pneumonia, kidney failure and passed away 6 days later, :’(
Like many others I couldn’t see her or be with her, I feel so much guilt everyday and miss her so so much, she too was my rock, more like my partner! So I feel your pain x

Hi Saz
Oh my goodness that’s awful, so sorry to hear that. Not being able to be there must of been so hard. You should be able to send loved to hospital for treatment and expect them to come home. The pandemic does make it harder you are right, not being able to hug family for comfort is so hard. Mum was everything to me and my life. Don’t ever feel like I will stop crying :sob:
I am at the doctor’s next week too!
People say time will heal, I just hope it does.
Take care

Thank you Monica for your message,
Oh bless you, I feel the same with the crying, sadly my partner isn’t very understanding and shows no empathy so I try to keep my emotions in… yes they say time is a healer, but that is so hard to believe right now, are you suffering with depression? X

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My name is Carolyn, my mum was Monica :frowning:
My husband is good but doesn’t know what to say to me.
When my days are bad, they are very bad, and I have been ill for about 6 weeks now, so have had blood tests today as the doctor thinks I may have glandulafever :frowning:

Oh my apologies Carolyn,
Ah yes I have been reading about the fact you can have illnesses due to the grieving process, unsure if that is in your case, but I too have been poorly this last week
Hope you feel better soon xx

Thanks, you too. X