Its been 3 months

Its been 3 months since my husband died. Feeling like his family dont care. I want to talk about him but they dont .

To the point where they dont keep in touch … we all live really close less than 5 miles from all of the various family groups.

Do i just walk away after 27 years? Dont feel i should be the one to try to keep constantly keeping in touch.

I hear more from friends in other countries than them . Its heartbreaking


Hi,I too lost my lovely wife three months ago,I know how you feel ,sometimes I have a chat with a neighbour or a family member,and I’m thinking to myself, why have they not mentioned Anne,and I realise it’s uncomfortable for them ,I’m just giving it time,this is a situation we have never been in ,or never even thought about,good luck you will get stronger.

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Dear @Lesq I’m really sorry to read your post you must be both devastated at your loss and bewildered at the behaviour of others. Let me offer some reassurance that you are not alone.
I lost my husband in June this year and my family have deserted me too I only have a few friends that have been supportive at this dreadful time.
Please take all the kind words offered from people here that offer guidance as it will help you through your most difficult days.
Look after yourself
Jen x

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Hi Lesq.
Welcome to this community that nobody would choose to be a member of. I’m sorry for your loss. My partner of 28 years passed away a year ago this month at age 65. I too have family and friends fairly close to where I live. I find that it’s me that mentions her in conversation not them and I wonder if it’s because they don’t want me to get upset by them talking about her and think if I say her name then it’s ok. I actually find it far easier to confide in strangers on here who I know understand completely what I’m talking about because they’re going through the same thing as me. Of course I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone but unless you’ve lost a partner you can’t really understand. If it helps use this platform to express your feelings because we’re all in the same boat. xx

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Also my stepson (35) has asked the lawyers if left any more in to him his dads will and who will get our home when i die. Hubby cashed his pension due to terminal illness grounds and we discussed to give his son 50k. Im 52 hubby was 60. I have counted his son has as ours throughout our relationship or 27 years . This has lead to a hold on distribution of my husbands estate for a further 6 months. Im devastated. Its not about any assets its about bringing us closer together in his dads memory.