It's been two years

Its been two year since my mum died of a sudden heart attack. I was there when the paramedics pronounced her dead, I have her ashes and yet I still can’t accept it, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to move on, how to let go, anyone got any advice for a young woman who really just wants her mum back.

Hi Rubysquid, I’m so sorry about the death of your. Mum, so suddenly, my Mum died suddenly as well, and I was really angry to start with, especially when I saw other Mums and daughters out together enjoying themselves, eventually I came to terms with the situation, I still miss her dreadfully especially when something happens in the family which I know she would have loved, it will get easier lots of love Jude xx

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Thank you Jude28

Hi sorry to hear about your mum. It’s also been two years for me. I was doing ok for a while. Now I seem to have plummeted. I miss her so much. I can’t believe she’s gone. My heart aches and I dream about her all the time. I feel so sad she’s not here. I can’t seem to accept it or let go or move forward. I’ve tried everything. Grief counselling. Keeping myself busy. Taking time off. Nothing helps. You’re not alone. It seems it’s normal. Sorry i don’t have any advice

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Hi sorry as well, and no, that really helped, I don’t feel alone and isolated because I can’t let go and accept it, I feel like my emotions are validated and that it isn’t wrong to feel so much emotional pain from her loss, thank you so much

I’m glad it’s helped you feel like you’re not alone. Although I can’t offer advice it’s good to know that it seems normal. I feel worse than I have done in a while. Hence I’ve come back on this site. I haven’t been on here for probably nearly a year.

I’m sorry you’ve lost your Mum. I lost my Mum suddenly too, over two years ago. I haven’t accepted it. It’s still very painful.

I gain the impression, that we very slowly get used to them not being here.
I just try and distract myself, but my Mum is never that far from my thoughts. I still cry a great deal.
You’re not alone. It’s the hardest thing I’ve experienced. We’ve Just got to keep going. It will get better, but it could take some time.
Take care.

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