It's hard to believe that my husband is passed away and I can't see him again

My husband passed away on 15th April. Every day is hard without him. With him I don’t know where 10 years gone. But now time is not passing. Every day and night looks so long. He was just 35 year old. I don’t know how I will live without him.

So sorry to read of your sad loss, I can imagine you are distraught whether it was unexpected or not. You are quite right about the time element. Do you have someone to lean on, I hope so. I didn’t get through the early weeks consciously, I think the days just turned and I had little choice. All you can do is find a way to get by that suits you personally. It’s sometimes a good idea to just do the bare minimum unless it’s life-threatening or legally pressing. Reading the posts of others may help and many of us welcome private messages. I’m still struggling at 6 months but people are different. Take care.

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So sorry for your loss Rcooner. You’re in good company here, none of us know how we will face tomorrow and yet some how we do, just knowing that others feel the same is a help as our lives have changed into a very lonely place. People you know will try to understand, sometimes they say hurtful things but they are trying to be nice, they can never know the pain we are living unless it’s happened to them.
Be gentle with yourself and listen to what your body needs x

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Rcooner I hope you can pull yourself through these painful times and I’m feeling your sadness. It all feels like one surreal painful nightmare in those early days as far as I can remember. Maybe just doing what you can manage but not doing too much.I made a list of all those awful things that have to be done, 8 months on the list is still there. Sometimes achieving one thing helps a bit but some of these things are really exhausting and if you can get help or someone to do some things for you it could it will help. Without my love here I have become so anxious and worried - it changes us completely. Be kind to yourself xxxxx

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