It's just too much

Hi guys, it’s 2 weeks tomorrow since my Dad died suddenly on holiday. We rushed to the hospital but we were too late. Fortunately Mum was with him. I know it’s early days but I feel like life will never be good again. I have 3 children who I need to pick myself up for . Mumbrella and Dad only live 2 doors away and so he was a massive party of our lives, I can’t believe it has happened or even start to contemplate a normal life without him. I actually feel physical pain in his absence and just feel like I am not coping. Please help

Hi. Lisa. Two weeks is so little time. Your feelings are raw and will take time to settle. There is no quick fix. I am sure everyone on this site feels for you because we are all in this boat of pain together. You will cope, honest. The old cliché ‘give it time’ is still appropriate. At the moment you may feel a lot of grief and pain, sometimes even physical pain. Try and accept it for the moment and don’t make the mistake of trying to fight the feelings off. It’s all a part of the bereavement process. Life will be good again if you concentrate on your kids. They are the future, and although they may not appreciate what is happening at the moment, I am sure your dad would not have wanted them to be upset by his passing. Sending you love and best wishes.

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Thank you for your kind words x

Hey, Lisa…I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s tragic and heartbreaking to lose one of the parents, but you are lucky…you have three continuations of your dad in your children. He has invested so much time and energy and knowledge and attention into them that you will never miss a bit of him, I’m sure, but in them. And for that, you must live… live with the memory of how bright he shone and how much he left behind. Be strong. For paps. Just be.