It's my birthday today without my darling

I celebrated my birthday today without my darling husband. Last year he could only squeeze my arm with emotion when he realised it was my birthday he could really talk. He died exactly one week later, so that’s next week’s misery to cope with. Everyone has been very sweet but now after lunch with my sister I’m feeling low.
I wish some of us could meet up. It’s so lonely.


Hi Tricia

Celebrations are not what they used to be, and I feel for you to have your birthday so close to the anniversary. I hope you got through it okay.

My first year anniversary is coming up on 29th I am dreading it, everything is coming back. I have felt physically drained and tired this week I wish I could just go the bed and sleep. It seems to have gone so quickly but in other ways it feels like a long time ago, it is strange. I think I may have gone backwards these past few weeks, how have you felt? I know we have to try and make a different life for ourselves but to be honest I have no idea how we can, what are we supposed to do? Thinking of you next week, let us know how you got on. x