Its my Birthday ...

Well today is my 51st birthday just been sitting here thinking how much has changed in the last 12 months this day last year I was sitting in the Ritz hotel with my fiance Stuart who treated me along with a trip to Theatre to see The Lion King in London we had a good life worked hard comfortable but three weeks to the day after this Stuart was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died 32 days later I just can’t believe it’s been 12 months can’t believe that this has even happened even though I’ve had a nice day today with with Stuart’s children grandchildren my children it just all seems a bit pointless it’s just hard coming home I’m not having that person sitting there that you can sit and talk to about anything going to bed and it’s continuously empty out in there and although the rawness of it all was lessened the loneliness continues my friends and family nobody can make up for that

Hi Sar

Today must have been tough for you. Such a tragic story losing your fiancé so soon after spending such a wonderful time together. It was good that you had your family around you but I know it doesn’t compensate for the fact that your partner was not there. These Special days are so hard to get through. My husband died in October. I had my Wedding Anniversary two days later and my Birthday a week after that.
Then it was Christmas and New Year. Next week I have to get through my husbands Birthday. These were all days we used to celebrate but now they are just painful reminders of what we have lost.

My thoughts are with you - tomorrow will be easier. It’s just another day.