It's nearly a year ........

Its been sometime since my last post. l had to step away as the posts from ‘newbies’ reminded me of everything l was going through and l was getting upset.

Nothing has really changed for me emotionally, in fact l’ve managed to cry everyday these past weeks. Even yesterday, l cried whilst talking to my husband’s photo, telling him l was getting bored with it, nothing changes ie my situation, my constant misery, its groundhog day every day, somuchso lm sounding like a stuck record and lm sick of listening to myself.

Now l have to go through the anniversary of his death which lands on a weekend. one year to the day on the friday, one year to the date on the saturday and then, of couse, l have sunday to get through. This going to be horrendous.

Surely something has to change . l wish it would and soon.


You echo the way I am in everything you say…similar timescale too…how do we negotiate this awful situation which is just getting worse? :disappointed::roll_eyes:

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Just put one step in front of the other I guess like so far. I am in same boat.
Kind of getting used to it. Walking around with it

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