It's Raw & it's physically painful..

I’m Georgia. I am 28 and on Saturday 25th October 2021 my life, as I knew it, ceased to exist and in a flash my beautiful mum aged 56 was gone.
Suddenly with no warning, no illness, no chance of goodbye, Gone.

She simply went for an afternoon nap and never woke up.

My beautiful mum, my best friend, probably my true soul mate, who knew me better than anyone.
The friendship, the love, the mother daughter bond, gone.

The loss I feel I can not comprehend, I don’t know if I have truly processed what has happened and the direction my life is heading in now.
I am lucky, I have a family and a partner, but can’t help but feel that means nothing when all I want is my mum.

A love like no other, gone.
What now ???

The pain in my chest is crushing, a physical pain I can not bare.


Dear Georgia,

Losing your mum at such a young age is really hard, especially when it happens so suddenly and without any warning or the chance to say goodbye. It sounds like you and your mum were very close, so I can understand how much you must miss her, and that at times it feels like a physical pain.

It may help you to read posts from others who like you have lost a parent when they were in their twenties. Here is the link to a topic that got a lot of responses last year (you may have to scroll to the top of the page to read all the posts): Losing a Parent Whilst in Your 20s

I hope that reading other young people’s posts will give you some comfort and direction.
xx Jo

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Hello Jo,

Thank you.

I have now posted on this thread.
Hopefully a few members are still active.



Hi, I am in exactly the same position, my mum suddenly died on Wednesday Sept 22nd 2021, I can’t even begin to accept it. Everything you have said is so true, I dont know how to even begin going forward with my life xx

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Hi Sarah,

Firstly, I am so so sorry for the loss of your beautiful mum. I truly know the nightmare you are living, you are not alone in this.

I too haven’t accepted this, processed it, I feel like my feet are stuck to the floor and the world continues to wizz past me as I stay stuck desperately looking for my mum.

If you would like, you can PM me, I know we’ve come onto a public forum but there’s maybe things you don’t want to post publicly. Either way is fine! Xxx

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Hi I’m so grateful you have replied, I’m so stuck as literally nobody knows how I’m feeling. A sudden loss is like no other and the pain is imaginable as you know. How do I send a PM to you? I’m not great at technology xxxx so sorry you are going through the same xx

Hey I think I have sent a PM xxxxx


I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I too, lost my beautiful dad only 6 weeks ago and I have never felt more pain in my life.

I’m 24 years old and yes, being young does make it feel even more crushing. You are a young adult, it’s not something you should have to go through but you are going through it and it is really really rubbish.
People will try and understand (I have a lot of older siblings who are also suffering but it’s still different) but you do feel different and I get that.

Things happen and it’s completely awful, it’s ok to acknowledge how unfair it feels and how sad you feel. I am still struggling to get through days without my dad, who I was very close to, and I have really found benefit from here, even on the hardest days.

My dad was super religious, and I know what he believed in. I am trying to find my way into his faith from this and, funnily enough, knowing his faith was so strong has made me feel more connected to him spiritually. It has surprised me how much closer it makes me feel to him. Did your mum have any faith like this? Maybe it might make you feel a bit more connected to her?

Secondly, I really found great benefit from being outdoors. I am generally quite an outdoorsy person but when my dad died, I could barely be in my house (where we both lived together). I could manage about 30 minutes at a time in there and then I would have to go out again.
But the fresh air, the openness, the nature, made me feel connected to reality, the big picture and the cycle of things. Maybe this will help if you haven’t tried it already?

Right now is a time where you might feel everything and nothing in the same go. That’s ok, I reckon everyone on here has been in that period and it’s not easy to feel anything other than what you’re feeling.

We are all here for you, please keep using this platform when you need it

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Hi Georgia ,
Sorry for the loss of ur mam. What u wrote I can totally relate to every word. I’m 35, I lost my mam in March suddenly with no warning no goodbye, she hadn’t been ill. I’m still so devastated. I know what u mean with physical pain it hurts so much in ur heart. My world got turned upside down totally changed. She was my best friend, my world and I miss the bond so much. It breaks my heart knowing the bond has gone. I couldn’t even see my mam on mother’s day this year because she wasn’t ready to go into the chapel. I don’t have and kids or family just my dad. Glad u have ur family for support but I totally get what u mean it’s not the same. Nothing can replace ur beautiful Mam same as my mam. It’s been nearly 8 months , the first few months are the hardest for me. Now the dust has settled I’m lost, numb, trying to plod on with life. I found counselling helped, I had one lot I’m waiting for the second lot. As I find my friends don’t understand as they still have their Mam. I feel like people will get sick of hearing about it so I stopped talking to people which is hard. It’s the hardest weirdest thing u will experience and all the different emotions are hard to bare at times. Take one day at a time, if ur not productive some days that’s ok, u do what u need to do to get through the day. My brain still cant accept or process it either because I don’t want to believe it. I kind of just think she’s somewhere else and that she’s coming bk. I love her with all my heart I have my photos up of her, that gives me a little comfort seeing her face every day. I get her flowers and put them in a vase next to her photo. I’m here if u need to talk xx

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