Its so hard without him

I’m finding so hard this morning. I miss my husband so much and find it hard to go out because all i see is other couples/ families being happy and i think that should be us and its not fair. I feel a burden to my family as they have they own lives to get on with although they do try and help, but its not the same. Is it right to feel jealous?


I know exactly how you feel. My worst part of the day is tea time when everyone is settling down with their families for the evening and having dinner and I’m alone. I feel so jealous. It’s only to be expected so please dont beat yourself up about it. Hopefully it will ease at some point.


I’ve never been jealous of anyone before, but I hate seeing my friends partners kissing them hello or goodbye now. And next week I’m going to a wedding, no idea how I’ll react to that.


It is hard doing things without them
when I’m out I just feel part of me is missing and I do feel jealous and very lonely and sad I hate it I look at couples my age and wish it was me still with my husband and I also feel a burden to my family sometimes but I have to think they wouldn’t do the things they do if I was


Hi same here. It’s so hard.x

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Yes yes and yes… i feel everything you are feeling… plus i dont want to spend time with anyone else.
Id rather be on my own then try and make conversation with others to make them feel better… its exhausting!!
I dont feel jealous. I feel sad because we had a strong relationship with so many plans that we wanted to do.
Doing stuff solo doesnt seem very appealing :cry::broken_heart:


Aww that will be tough :cry: i feel like a spare part. Not sure how id feel about going to a wedding :confused:

Dear @SadGirlfriend
You are very brave to be going to a wedding. I know that I would find that very hard indeed.
Going without my husband, would be so very hard.

But I suppose it depends whose wedding it is? If a friends (or even some family) I don’t think I could. In fact I’ve only just remembered I have turned an invitation down!!
I just knew it would be too hard. It was some distance away, and would mean a long day away from the house. I gave our two dogs as my excuse.

But if/ when it was my god daughters (Which I hope is soon) then I would be okay. She and her boyfriend have been so supportive to me since my husband died.

I do find seeing the youngster’s happy and together very comforting. And it makes me feel happy to see them enjoying life. :smiling_face:

But couples around my age , or couples older!!! … I find that much harder. I just feel cheated that they still have each other, and I don’t.:disappointed_relieved:

Love hugs and strength to you


I know how you feel, i lost my husband over 3 weeks ago, I feel like i am just existing now, nothing will ever be the same again, I have wonderful family and friends but not my beautiful husband, I only long to die now to maybe see him again, we did everything together for nearly 40 years, it is so painful, I post on here to pray for you all and hope that something good will come from this.


No especially in the early days … i was so damn jealous of couples and now i try to stay away from them as we not a couple anymore and its crap and its like rubbing salt in the wound ! And also i find they gang up on u too. Best to have single friends i have found x

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Thats so sad :broken_heart::sob:

You’re so right, its not fair. I often feel like you and find myself breaking down in floods of tears. Its just over 3 years since I lost Val. I find myself going out of my way to do my weekly shop in another area so I’m not confronted by people offering “advice”. They may be well intentioned, but till you’ve lost the love of your life people just dont understand the feeling of loss. There’s been times when I’ve bumped into someone we both knew and not seen for a while and just for a second I think I’ll tell her when I get home…if only I could. We always held hands when we were out and seeing others now really hits hard and I feel so sad that its not us anymore. Oh, if I could just turn back the pages. I feel your pain too, take care


Thinking of you. Take care.

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I survived the day and actually went to the wake, had one coke and went home.
The funeral was packed, Nick was well loved.
Everyone was chatting and laughing. I just wanted Nick to be there to give me a hug.

I didn’t sleep all last night. I actually feel like ive died :confused: people either avoid me or pity me.
Life has just stopped and now its in photos.
I know its early days. I cant imagine this pain in my heart going :broken_heart:
Everyone on here are going through the same thing. Im worried people are saying they still feel the same after 6 months, 2 years… 5 years or longer. Its scary xx


I can’t really remember very much if anything about the days after the funeral.

I know it was difficult and different to before the funeral. I didn’t have anything to arrange or forms to fill in.

I write this definitely not to upset you but to let you know that this is a time so many of us have experienced and recognise.

You know you can share on here. We really understand.

Sending you a massive hug,

Rose x


It gets easier honestly it does but you still have down days because we lost the person we loved the most havent we. Its horrible after the funeral - hits you hard. Take really good care of yourself as best you can xx

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Well done for going to the wake , after the funeral (5 weeks since my wife’s ) I’ve found most peoples lives just go back to normal, friends / family just carry on whereas we are left with the massive hole in our lives .
We took the flowers home ( 2 big mum ones ) and strangely the hardest part for me was after 2 weeks , having to throw them away as they had died , really brought it all home that she was gone :cry:


Exactly the same for me x