Its your life

It’s your life that matters to me. I wish so much that you could be here on earth to see all the future events which I know you so very much wanted. To see your two children happily married and settled in lovely homes. To see them grow up and how their future careers develope. To see grandchildren and take a part in bringing them up. To relax at home in the house you worked so hard for. To have peace of mind to know all is well and then have the time to enjoy the rest of your life with leisure and travel which you deserved. Kind hearted Phil who I and many people loved for his kindness and willingness to help others, I am sure you are still watching over us following our lives.


Such a lovely and thought provoking post, thank you. x


Amazing post from the heart, exactly how I feel and I’m sure many more on this site, take care, with love xx