I've lost my daughter.

My 19year-old daughter passed away on the 14th of August.

I don’t know what to expect from this…suppose I just need to vent to strangers.

I just miss her so so much.

It was just me and her…she was my best friend and all I ever needed…

How am I supposed to carry on…I carry this loss for the rest of my life.
Nothing I do seems worthwhile.

I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

I have just lost my son at 24 to a tragic car Accident I cannot get over the way I feel and would give anything to change mine and your life to not feel like this

My daughter had swelling in her brain.
Started with a bit of confusion and slowly over 3 months left her lying in a hospital bed unable to move or even open her eyes…she didn’t even know I was with her.

And if that wasn’t enough I had to make the decision to take her off the ventilator.

I feel so guilty and heart broken…so lost.

Craig that is so sad and cannot imagine the pain and anguish you must be feeling.
Words are just not enough to describe how I feel for my loss and yours no man should ever have to bury there children

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Hi Craig and dididcar , I am so so for your loses, I know exaclly how you are feeling we lost our beautiful daughter Dawn December11th2016, and the pain still persist everyday in my heart , I will never never get over losing her. It took me months just to put out her photos, and I still want to cry everytime I look at her lovely face, and when I go to bed going through the last days up to the last night she took her last breath , still haunts me. It is earley days for both of you, and I know you will get through it , like all of us on this site ,what choice do we have? we have to keep their memory alive , so talk about them even though most people will not want to hear it, so I say tough to them she was my daughter for Christ sake , I am not going to act like she never exsisted. . Hugs to both of you Maddie x

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Dear Craig,

How horrid, what a dreadful situation to be in. I am so very sorry for you.

As someone who has lost a son I can remember how absolutely stunned I felt, I remember looking out the window, confused that the world was still moving on - didn’t they know I’d lost my son?

You can only nurture your pain, be easy on yourself and give yourself the time needed to feel the loss at your pace.

I am, so very, very sorry to hear of your sad story.


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My 17 year old son died 3 years ago . I know what you’re going through . I’m not trying to sound like your mum, but I would suggest you see a counselor . It helped me in the early stages . You were clearly incredibly close to your daughter and she’ll always be with you. Don’t ever forget that .

Dear Craig,
I too lost my beautiful daughter, Gemma, 6 months ago.
It is very early days for you and at the beginning I just wanted to die myself but kept going for the rest of my family. As Maddie said, keep talking about your lovely daughter to keep her memory alive. I talk to Gemma too and find that helpful and helps me to still feel close to her.
This is such an amazing site and people here are so thoughtful and helpful.
Take care xxx

Gosh I’m so sorry to hear this has happened. Was it sudden or was she poorly? I lost my brother in April and it was sudden. Even though he’s my brother and I found it so hard to deal with, I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose a child. Feel free to message me back. Janine.

Craig, your daughter would certainly have known that you were with her. 3 years ago, my daughter lay in a coma. We played videos of her little girl and her favourite songs. She made movements in response to these which indicated to us that she knew we were with her.
Take everything one day at a time. X

Elise’s funeral was on 19 September…

Nothing has changed… I still have the same feelings I had when she passed away…only stronger.

I’m not strong enough to clean her bedroom…everything is just how she left it.

I still cry at least 3 times a day…and now Christmas is coming up…

I just want to curl up and dissappear.

Dear Craig,
I feel for you so much, we have all found ourselves in such a terrible place. I believe that the only way we can survive is baby steps and being kind to ourselves. I sometimes reflect back over the last eight months and am amazed at how I go through but somehow I have, crying, screaming and floundering. I am so sorry you are having to go through this.
As for Christmas I will not be celebrating this year, I will avoid the Christmas music, the busy shops and Carol concerts and will not be putting my tree up as it will all be too much and too hard for me. So I will keep my head down and hope that somehow I will get through it.
Sending you big hugs and lots of love. xxx

Dear Craig,
I forgot to say that I am thinking of you and so glad you found the strength to post again.

This is so unfair and cruel.

I looked after Elise for 19 years only for it to end this way.

She didn’t deserve this.

Why not me instead???

So lost without her

We had to do the same for my sister. So hard but the right thing x

So sorry for you. My daughter died in August too. Although she had been very poorly at times over the years it was unexpected. We were expecting her wedding but organised her funeral instead.
It is utterly devastating isn’t it?
I am not going to think about Christmas. It is only a day and can come and go. Every day is the problem so concentrate on getting through. I think of each day in three parts and try to know what I am doing. I have no motivation, nothing matters, but this it hard but it seems to help.
I take heart from VictoriaP’s post. We can get through. For now we just survive.
Lots of love xx

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I lost my daughter suddenly in her sleep. She was healthy and no warning signs. I miss her so much. She was 43 and has 4 children, 3 adults, one child. I live with my husband and we are still sad. The pain gets a little ea6to deal with, but i still think i will see her. You just need t take one day at a time, and not rush in anything. Xx

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Me again…

Having a hard time lately…
I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing to get through this.

I don’t talk to friends and family about it because I get the feeling they are not interested or they don’t like to mention it.

How would I go about finding a local help group for this sort of thing ?