I've realised I no longer dream!

I lost my mum suddenly end of March. We lived together.
I realised a couple of days ago. That I don’t dream anymore. I know this is probably a strange thread but does anyone else have this? Is it a mind/body coping mechanism? The mind saying you can’t cope with vivid dreams yet. Is it the shock/numbness/tiredness? A few weeks ago I couldn’t sleep at all and I’d eventually drift off at 5am if lucky.
I’m also writing with a newspaper how shocking some companies are when you are trying to sort bills etc of my mums.
So maybe is this that there’s just nothing left in my head at the end of the day and if I allow dreams in my head too then surely I’d have no room left.
Sorry if this seems random. But just wondered if anyone else notices this too. X
Love to all x

Hi Virgo

This is very interesting about the lack of dreaming and I would think you are correct and it is our bodies and minds shutting off from things. I have heard if someone is in a bad car accident they blank out the last few seconds before the impact and unconsciousness. When they come round they don’t remember anything at all. Fortunately not something I have experienced.

When my Mum first passed away I had a couple of dreams, one with my Dad in as well. They were together and were happy which I think was my brain reassuring me things were sort of alright. I had one very bad night terror as well but since then as you say nothing.

I still don’t sleep wonderfully well coming up to two years after Mum passing away. I had a good period but am finding I have trouble drifting off and then only sleep a few hours. It doesn’t worry me unduly as I have a small siesta if I need to in the afternoon.


I lost my wife in March and she was only 49.
I no longer dream, this is apparently because you dream at the end of a sleep cycle and because we are grieving we don’t sleep well enough to get to the dream stage.
it’s really strange, but in some ways good for me because I don’t think I could cope with dreaming about her at the moment.

Thanks for replies. It’s definitely something I’ve noticed and thought I’d ask others too x