Tomorrow is the inquest into my husbands death. I’ve read through all the reports and found out he had a fractured pelvis in January but we weren’t told. He also had sepsis, pneumonia, and two different brain bleeds was told about one bleed but not the other and on top is all of this we knew he was dying with his prostrate cancer. I really hope I get the answers tomorrow as I’m still distraught that I didn’t get to see my husband for 12 whole days when he was in the hospital mortuary. I know it’s going to be a terrible day but my love for David will get me through it. Thanks for listening x


@Jan150 sorry for your loss. My husband also died from metastatic prostate cancer in April this year. He was 67 :broken_heart:


My husband was also 67 x


So sorry for your loss @Jan150 it sounds a really difficult time for you with the inquest tomorrow. I hope you are able to get the answers you seek, and this can start to help with your healing. I am sure the love you have for your David will give you the strength you need tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. Much love xx


Thank you all for your comments. The coroner was an amazing man and he answered all of my questions. It’s over now and I really hope I can start to heal a bit now as I’m struggling every minute of every day.

Hugs to you all x

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