Well this my worst Christmas ever without my wife things been shocking everyone might think this sad but New Year’s Eve will go to my wife’s grave and see the new year in my Janette


Hi @Westgoughton ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,

I know how your feeling, feels like you’re heart cannot take anymore the ache is unbearable Christmas is over now my first Christmas with out my husband my first new year with out him he passed Jan 3rd, like you I want to be alone so I can remember all the wonderful times don’t want to be with people knowing that they have a life still and want to celebrate but for me that part of my life is over, so will be thinking of you all this New Year’s Eve just do what is best for you to get through it x

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That’s lovely that you will bring in the new year with your wife.
This is my first year without my husband and its torturous. We very rarely went out NYE so i will stay home with my son and light a candle and say a prayer for him.
I hope the new year brings some brighter times for everyone on this site.