Well my life’s just mess my daughter does want anything to do with me because me and husband had words in June time when my wife was dying she passed away in October took them till now tell me she doesn’t want any contact plus she not happy about the everything goes to me and when I die she gets the house and money but she like some now if wasn’t for my little dog I think I be joining my Janette


Westgoughton Sorry if I sound harsh but ,Oh dear wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have what we want when we want it ! Your wife must have been aware that everything was going to you , if she wanted something to go to her daughter sooner she would have made that clear. Maybe she does not think your daughter is responsible enough with money yet and will waste it. It’s your house your money now and you don’t want to be making any decisions while you are still grieving. It’s your money and house YOU presumably both worked for , from what I understand she is NOT ENTITLED to anything unless your wife stated that she gets her half after you die, you could leave all your half to the dogs home if you want. Maybe tell her that , she might be next of kin but you can leave what you want to who ever you want. I would discuss it with a solicitor to see how you stand ,or citizen advice, you might need to make a new will anyway things change often in law. Take your time , don’t do anything in a rush, your Janette would not want you facing all this extra emotional stress at this time. Your daughter and her partner should be supporting you at this awful time not being aggressive.
Even if you feel like you should give her something now , wait a year or so you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, you could become ill yourself and need the money for your own care . Does not sound like they would help look after you as they can’t even support you now in your grief.
Maybe she should have some space as emotions are all over the place in grief. She sounds angry and that can be a big part of grieving too. Hopefully that will pass and she will calm down . That’s just my thoughts anyway, hope I don’t offend anyway. Take care .

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You didn’t offend me one little bit I agree with everything you said I’m just so sad about the situation


Westgoughton I noticed in another one of your posts you are worried you are not very good with the internet. It took me a while to get used to this site too and I am still learning. One thing I found helpful is if you look at the top of the page to the right you will see 3 blue lines, next to it a blue circle like a magnifying glass, click on that and a search bar comes up , type in something you would like to find help with for example
“Lost wife to cancer” , I just did that and some one your age named GriffDobberman45 lost their wife to cancer in November . Maybe he could be someone you can connect with or you could just type in his name and you will see all his posts and responses and you can join in the conversation .You can type in anything you like and if it has been mentioned on this site it will come up.
I lost my son 3 years ago the same time another lady lost her son and feel a special connection with her and always click on her name if I need to speak to her. She may not answer straight away but will see the message next time she is on the site and then answer . Good luck .

Also if you click on the 3 blue lines you will find lots of topics and also the word HELP which if you click on that will take you to a help page with advise on how to navigate the site