Can’t believe how I’ve been this week six months yesterday since my Janette passed away felt so lonely for a few days just me and my dog everyone’s tapered off now which I was told would happen. I’m just lonely and I miss you so much. Thought light nights sunshine, my help, but it’s not.


So sorry you find yourself here. I’m six months through this journey too, and in some ways it’s getting worse rather than better. I kind of cope on a day-to-day practical level now, but inside am still a mess.

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12 weeks today for me. I felt quite happy-ish today, was at the park with my dog when I looked at my watch and realised that it was 11.45am. 12 weeks since he left the house and I never saw him again. I couldn’t stop crying, had to hide in the bee garden!

I think I’m exactly the same as you people say it gets better but it’s getting no better. People are starting to fade away now which I was told would happen she’s in my head 24 seven even when I got toilet middle at night she’s in my head, I’d be lost without my Dog work keeps me occupied just so sad.