I am very lonely & miss him so much I sometimes wish he was dead

Hello Jean.

I feel your pain, my husband passed away 6 weeks ago, it is a very lonely and frightening time, we miss them beyond belief its unbearable, please give yourself time, be kind to yourself, take each moment one at a time, you have come to the right place here to find others who really do understand and know how you feel, keep reading posts to help you and talk about your feelings it will help you through the next moment. Take care, my thoughts are with you.
Love Chrissy xx

So sorry you feel like this about your husband it must be hard for you seeing him so poorly. I lost my husband 16 months ago it is a very hard journey without them when they pass away. Iā€™m not been rude is your husband suffering and in pain I struggle to see you wrote sometimes you wish he was dead

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