Jemima puddle duck

Hi, it’s a while since I last messaged. I’ve been having more issues with my dad, but something made me smile today, my mom used to love ducks, she collected duck statues, toy ducks, duck bags, duck mugs, ornaments, socks, she just collected everything ducky. This morning I was waiting for the bus, happened to notice, one of the 50ps I’d taken out for my bus fair had Jemima puddle duck on it, it felt like mom was saying “I’m here, watching over you,”.


Hi thats really lovely whats the chances of that happening she most definitely is there for you
Really cheered me up

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That is the cutest thing. I can’t imagine many coins have Jemima puddleduck on. Take that and cherish it, I really think that’s a sign from your mum xx

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@Pandaprincess That’s a lovely story. All things ducks lol. What a cool thing to collect. I hope you have many more duck-like encounters!!


I’m glad to say, this past couple of weeks, there have been more “duck” encounters, :blush::duck: this latest line of them started last weekend, I had hung my coat on my closet door, & on the Saturday morning, when I looked up from my reading book, could see the shape of a ducks head shape in the crease in the back of my coat, last week going to the supermarket, when I came out, I noticed in a charity shop window, a kids mini-suitcase with daisy duck on it, there have been a few things like this through the week, & today, I thought I’d treat myself to some fudge, the man at the till had his cap on backwards, when he turned round to work the till behind him, I saw he had a small plastic toy duck stuck to the peak of his cap, :blush: I think my mom is very definitely with me.