Lying awake at 02.10 Tuesday morning 28th Dec cannot stop thinking about my late wife had a really bad panic attack out of the blue really exhausting.DIfficult to see a positive in this situation everything seems so pointless. I am not a selfish person and do not crave attention or look for sympathy but the last two years have been utterly awful I’m feel as if I can’t be bothered anymore and I am losing interest in things that I always enjoyed. Perhaps these feelings are a symptom of grief I don’t know. Thanks for listening.

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Dear Jim4
I’m sorry for your loss, but as you see there are many if us who can’t sleep, I lost my beloved Husband 18 months ago and still finding it difficult. I’m on mild antidepressants and they help with anxiety and the rest. They take the edge off. Take care

Dear margarita 1
Thank you for your reply and I’m sorry for your loss I lost my wife almost 2 years ago on 26th Jan 2020 and this time of year only intensifies all the negative emotions we all experience when in this hellish situation. I’m usually ok but I’ve never experienced a panic attack before not very pleasant. Take care.
Best wishes jc

Hi Sheila
That was a heart felt and moving account of your loss and illustrates jut how much you loved your husband. I suppose recovery is a day to day thing as you say I suppose some people cope better than others.
Take care and my best wishes to you and your family

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Dear Jim, I can relate to all you have said. It is truly the most awful feeling when you lose your loved one and everything seems so pointless on your own. I think it shows how much we loved them but it doesn’t help does it… I haven’t had a proper panic attack but feel very anxious most of the time and after 3 years keep thinking I must start to feel better soon!! My thoughts are with you and you are not alone in how you feel.
Love Jenny

Hi jenny
Thank you for your reply much appreciated.
Love and best wishes jim

Thank you to all who posted talking and sharing experiences of loss it certainly helps to know there are people in a similar position that can relate to each other and share the emotional burden to an great extent.
Regards to all and here’s hoping for a more positive 2022. Jc

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Another really bad panic attack initiated by a totally unrelated problem with my daughters roof of all things.
Since my wife’s passing nearly 2 years ago I am experiencing sporadic panic attacks which are increasing in severity each time which are brought on by the most trivial of situations. I am seriously worried that I am suffering from delayed stress ptsd or something also could cry at the drop of a hat. I think I need to see a doctor ( what’s the chance of that) as there is no one to speak to and I don’t want to put any pressure on my kids. I hate moaning but really quite down nearly 2 years on really pissed off.

Dear Jim4, please don’t delay in contacting your Dr. I too am nearly 2 years into losing my husband to cancer. I too have been in a bad way and now I’m on anti depressants, thankfully the pills are helping. I have always been a positive person but losing him has drained me and I was in a black hole. Now I’m starting to feel a bit better. I will take this for as long as I have to. Plus I’m now going to some counselling. So look after yourself because no one else will do it for you, get the help you need. I wish you well and take care Margarita

Thank you margarita
I am glad you are coping better and I hope I can say the same post doctors visit.
Take care jim

Thank you Sheila
Take care Jim x

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Does anyone else who has lost a partner truly dread the onset of the weekend I find it particularly bad despite keeping busy. Grief manifests itself in weird ways. I’m going on an adventure to the fridge to fetch a can of beer. Best wishes to all

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