Jim's chair

I’m sitting in Jim’s chair looking at the patch he made on the arm though rubbing it constantly how I used to moan at him for rubbing it now I wish he was here rubbing away and I couldn’t care less if he made a hole. I think I’m going mad with all the thoughts going round and round in my head. I miss his annoying habits silly things like snoring or whistling when I was watching tele wish I hadn’t moaned at him for them it was part of him. Does anyone else feel bad for moaning . We all have regrets but he knew I loved him dearly and will never have anyone else :broken_heart:


Yes absolutely feel bad for moaning at my husband wish I could now if I had hindsight would never complain, loved him so much
Would love to go back in time,miss him so much its painful

Christine x


I use to hate ironing hubbys white shirts for work oh I wish I could iron a million billion of his shirts just to have him here with me wearing them x love to all x


Sitting in my Jim’s chair
Kissing his ring instead of him
Sending him texts
I too feel like I am going insane
It’s like my heart is being pulled from my body
Having a wine to dull the pain tonight
God Bless you


I dearly wish I could go back and change things I said to June. I think many of them were borne out of fear and frustration that I could see June was deteriorating. June was very independent and stubborn. Would not entertain using any walking aids and suffered a lot of pain. June had MS for decades but left me suddenly following collapsing in front of me. Her passing was as a result of an undiagnosed reason- her heart. My heart is broken and will never repair. If only we could go back. :broken_heart:


I wish I had been so much kinder, less selfish, less lazy, more loving & giving.
Wish I had listened to him, wish I had told him he was right…so many times… instead of being contrary
He was a much much better person than me, kinder, intuitive & compassionate. I used to tell him he would have been a great woman, such intuition & empathy & not afraid to show it or say it out loud. Not afraid to cry. A real man, a good man.
I wished I had told him I loved him much more often.


He knew your a good women sweetheart but John was a better person than me he was a good man lv annie x

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