Julie 20

It’s 5years since I lost my man , how do I stop being in such a hard place

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I know that we will always miss our loved ones and need to find a way of continuing without them going forward but my question is how??

It’s so exhausting pretending that we’ve got this!! That every year it will get easier.
I too am not frightened of death anymore but how long are we expected to wait for that day.

I’m so sorry that you are both still struggling after all these years, and why wouldn’t you be, and at the same time it feels me with dread to know that it doesn’t get easier.

Love to you both xx

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I really understood how your both feeling ,
It’s like being on another planet. My outside self smiles , laughs and keeps on going but inside a part of me has died , we were married 40 years and I no no other life , I never wanted to be alone without my man and my grandchildren are my anchor to this life as I have always said they hold my heart while I try to heal :heart:. I know how lucky I was to have such a wonderful man ,and like you both look forward to one day being with him again,
But I’m going to try and make him proud of the life I will live alone until I join him ,