I lost my mum a few weeks ago… I am so torn apart! It was not thru CV19, it was a long battle with various diseases and vascular dementia! I had moved in with her for the last 2+ years as her live in carer after caring for others in a caring capacity for more years than I can remember… I feel SO LOST … even tho there is the house of 64 years 2 clear… sort & sell! :cry:

It’s always hard losing your Mum, especially for you as you’ve been living with her, what you are feeling is absolutely normal, every bodies grief is different and there is no right or wrong way to grieve, have you any family to support you? Coping with clearing out the house will be very daunting on your own, just take a day at a time, you will get through this , sending you love x

I completely understand your pain and how it feels to lose your mum. My mum passed away in April, covid on her death certificate, but she didn’t have it when she was admitted to the hospital. She was also my father’s carer because he has alzheimer’s. He’s now had to go into a care home. It feels like my whole world is crumbling. We only just had a funeral for mum last week because of legal issues over ownership of the family plot that she wanted to be laid to rest in. I sobbed my heart out, I too am having to clear my parents house to be able to pay for dad’s care. Its so sad to be working your way through a lifetime of treasured memories, I go in with a plan on what to do first, but get so sidetracked I come away feeling like I have made no progress. I have OK days and tearful days, sometimes I don’t even realise I am crying or why I’m crying, nothing can bring her back and I know she is at peace. She will be in my heart forever. I now can’t visit my dad in the care home either because of covid restrictions,. Grief coming at me by the bucket load.
All the advice I can offer you is to let the grief take whatever course it does, if we never loved we would never grieve.
I also now have to do the legal stuff in accordance with mums will, piles of paperwork to make sense of. I keep trying to start that too but get lost with my memories of happier times. I will get everything done, eventually
Love and hugs

Hi… was SO GOOD 2 read ur message this am! Sorry, I’m not too good with online things like this… don’t even do Facebook! I must get used 2 it tho! So sorry 2 hear about ur mum & now ur dad as well, u must be distraught? I lost my WONDERFUL DAD 9 years ago & still miss him everyday but I still had mum & our childhood home with all it’s memories which now tumble out of every cupboard & drawer that I open!! Have 3 wonderful sons, 2 fantastic grandsons & my husband who can’t connect with my grief @ all… my younger sister lives in Northampton & with the lockdown has only recently been able to visit as & when she can! Life is OVERWHELMING me & I feel lost! Mum was my BEST FRIEND & I feel as if my heart is truly BROKEN!!:cry::broken_heart:I did a lot yesterday but 2day I’m just upset ALL THE TIME!! Thanku SO MUCH 4 ur reply… it means a LOT!! X​:bouquet::pray::sunrise: